This sequence of papers dates from 19th July 2004, the author having decided that from then on the subject of this website should be advanced by providing a series of papers under the above title 'Aspden Research Papers'. Some of these papers will appear here as soon as they are completed. The first paper, No. 1 of 2004, is one such paper. Of the others, as the are written, some few will be offered to scientific journals for publication in the scientific peer-reviewed literature and, if rejected, will then appear here in due course, whereas those accepted will be duly recorded elsewhere on this website. Otherwise they will be posted directly here on this website.
Harold Aspden

No. 5 (2005) Tesla versus Einstein

No. 4 (2005) The Creation of the Proton

No. 3 (2005) Can Gravity be an Electrostatic Force?

No. 2 (2004) The Foo Fighter Mystery

No. 1 (2004) Energy Science: a Brief Review and a Conclusion

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