This is one of a series of 10 Energy Science Reports made available by the author through U.K. company Energy Science Limited, under the publishing name Sabberton Publications.


ISBN 0 85056 024 1

This is a 34 page report in which the author reveals another way in which to tap aether energy, one which may well replace main electrical power generating installations in the years ahead. The Report is in four parts. Part I outlines the design of a large scale motor such as might become a prime mover in a power generating plant or be used to power an ocean liner. Part II concerns the design features of a small prototype motor that can be assembled in a home workshop. Part III is an academic discourse aimed at educating students and even university professors of electrical engineering on some elementary, but unfamiliar principles of magnetism. Part IV discusses further the scope for research and commercialization. It is aimed at government officials and research directors in industry, with a view to urging action to exploit this new technology. The primary thrust of this Report is to show why over-unity operation of an electric motor, meaning one that can deliver more mechanical power output than is supplied as electrical power input is really possible. A motor tested by the author is described and illustrated. This Report summarizes some of the progress made in a research project funded by the U.K. Department of Trade and Industry aimed at improving the efficiency of a magnetic reluctance motor by tapping thermal energy in a regenerative magnetocaloric process. Report No. 7 provides more details of the experiments performed in the early phases of the project. This Report No. 9 was issued on November 6th 1996.

The full text of this Report can be seen via the following link: REPORT No. 9