This is one of a series of 10 Energy Science Reports made available by the author through U.K. company Energy Science Limited, under the publishing name Sabberton Publications.


ISBN 0 85056 011 X

This is a 57 page report in which the author discusses a mysterious aspect of Energy Science concerned with the anomalous effects which electromagnetic fields can have upon our body cells. The main theme is the health hazard posed by using electric blankets and living too close to overhead electrical power lines. An explanation is given for the curious fact that cyclotron-like resonance, which transfers energy from weak pulsating fields into the ion-populated fluids in the human body, in countries powered at 50 Hz or 60 Hz. How can the body chemistry support a resonance phenomenon at either of these frequencies? You have the answer in this Report. The human body introduces something new to electrical science, a system in which electricity is conveyed by molecular ions rather than electrons. Energy anomalies arise when currents flow through liquids and also in cold cathode discharges through rarefied gas. This has bearing upon the subject of Report No. 8. However, as Report No. 10 shows, research on our body chemistry reveals a superconductive condition and such research may help to solve some of the basic questions of fundamental physics having a bearing upon the nature of gravitation. This Report No. 10, the last in this series, was issued on March 31st 1997.

The full text of this Report can be seen via the following link: REPORT No. 10